Heavy breathing...

You can guess it: Yes, I'm still ill. I were at the docs on Monday and we decided that I give it two more days and look where I would be today.

Well, today I still find it harder to breathe than if I were healthy, but the doc wasn't in his house today. So I have to wait until tomorrow when he will be there again.
Probably I have to visit a lung specialist as my doc has almost reached the limits of its general knowledge.

I recognized that I forgot to give some info about how the proposed software update resulted. To sum it up, it failed again with the same effects as last time at almost exactly 08:00am.

We hoped, that the fixes we applied cured the problem we had, but it seems that we were wrong. We fixed potential problems, yes, but it seems that these problems are not the cause of our current difficulties.
So, back again to theory problem studying and analyzing...

I don't think that these problems are good for our impression on this customer...


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