Gratulations, NASA

In case you didn't hear from it until now:
This is great news, because it means we are perhaps at an entry to a new era in flight technology.
It has been the first flight of an air-vehicle at the speed of Mach 7.6. In commercial planes this could allow flights from London to Sydney in under two hours.

Look at Hypersonic jets Q&A, ramjet/scramjet diagrams or How Hypersonic Planes Work to find out how these planes are powered.

Tomorrow I'll be back at work. Reading my corporate mails at home tells me that much work is waiting there for me.
I have to make some fixes on TaskZilla, continue my work on the Demo-Installation, catch up with hundreds of mails and find back in general development of our product. I guess that in several parts of it much has changed in the last two weeks.
So I guess, I'll need tomorrow for gathering news and plan my future steps and start working on them on tuesday or wednesday...


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