Busy, busy, busy

Have been a bit busy recently and found no time to blog.
I've had a bit customer-contact and found out that a tool, that I've written, will be used in a different way than my project manager told me. It would have to be rewritten a bit so that it can be used most effective.

Direct contact developer<->customer can be handy in such cases but can also be suicide if the topic hits corporate interests.

And in our new product-development approach the roadmap is worked over and over again.
Meantime I've got the responsibility to rework and/or redesign two major areas/features of our product.

Our team has also been required to write documentation of our product for our customers (and also internal).
Isn't this in the scope of a special documentation-employee?
NOO, this one is required by another important-considered project at our location.

This special project sucks up employees like a black hole and currently just consists of meetings, reading documents and meetings again. Sometimes staff gets mails why no work has been done yet, but aparently noone cares that all people are always in any meeting... Weird.

Luckily I do (officially) have no knowledge of SQL otherwise I'm quite sure that I would also have been stuffed into that particular project.


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