Raising dust

Yep. I'm moving something.
I sent out my questions for the All Hands Meeting two hours ago and I just got a call from my team leader that the management level of our company is currently quite busy and thinking about what to do with my mail.

My department leader who is on vacation too got calls from several positions and now he is afraid that my mail can affect the whole development department, I'm told.

Well, on Wednesday when I'm back at work, just right for the meeting on that afternoon, he wants to talk to me.

I got another call from my group leader and then from the department leader. Seems, I'm really causing some confusion in the upper levels of the company. And I'm causing much stress for my department leader. He isn't really angry on me but he said I shouldn't write such mails again without consulting him before. Tried that today, but he didn't pick up the phone... Next time I'll try to get such mails ready earlier.

And I'll invite him on a beer as soon as he's back from his vacations.


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