Last few days review

I almost forgot to blog recently.
This could be caused because in the last week I could program and develop freely most of the time.
There were no tasks in queue which could be worked on without help of any of my colleagues which are/were on vacation and cutomer requests/reactions were low-water too.

I worked on many parts of our codebase and threw out many leftovers from already refactored structures and updated the code which was still using it. In the same pull I also refactored a large suite of testcases and simplified >5.000 lines of code down to about a sixth of its size.

Some of my refactoring activity also affected performance more than I expected: I managed to speed up some often-used parts near the DB backend to be about 40 percent faster than before. And that in an area which I expected to have finished performance optimization sometime last year. Yay!

I also managed to get my ICQ online again with help of the ICQ Support Team. The problem is/was that the server lying behind port 80 of seems to have a problem with my ICQ account. ICQ Support suggested to switch to port 443 (luckily not blocked by our NAT) and everything worked again.

Within company I'm trying to get some abonnements and books ordered which I find quite helpful for developming as well as project management and software/project engineering in general. But I got no response yet from the person which is responsible here.


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