Back from vacations

stretch... Yep, back at work. And almost anything is left as I leaved it behind.

No customer action, no emergency, no progress in my immediate area. So no notable stress-level.

Just an hour ago a meeting ended where our head of overall development picked together people from various (independend) teams and discussed problems on a specific project. This project meanwhile has quite a log of defects and errors. So we discussed the top defects in a medium group.

All people brought in their experience with similar problems on their own projects and some different possible solutions and views to the problems came up and I personally think it has been productive for everyone. It was also a knowledge-exchange for the people not concerned with this special project.

If you have long-lasting or always recurring problems on your project, try to discuss them on a slightly higher niveau with someone who has nothing to do with it. But be careful to pick someone with experience!


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