Busy busy

The last week was a bit stressy for me. Besides a shift in my work area, I've been busy organizing the Lord of the Rings Extended Edition Triple Feature.

I managed to acquire a conference room in our companys building for that day.

The feature will start at 11am and will last until midnight, only interrupted by two 30 minute long breaks between the movies.

Today I want to test our equipment in the room to find out if my Creative Inspire 5.1 Digital 5700 is strong enough to provide a propper sound environment in that room. I also managed to borrow a 16:9 video projector.

On the other news I switched from C/C++ development to web development using PHP at work. I did that because our group is in critical lack of web developers and we already have quite a backlog of stuff to do in the web environment.

The current web source is a pile of mess. I'm trying to refactor some pages and introduce a template system (Smarty) to take the presentation out of the business logic in the pages which currently is non-existent. It's quite hard because the current system has many includes on each page and almost everything is dependend on something else and at almost any place in almost any include there could be output written which you can't avoid.

CSS styles and JavaScript are included on every page and I tried to split them off into external .css- and .js-files but have been only somewhat successful because even those scripts contain dynamic content which could change on every page. Dammit.

I'm still unable to give an estimation to my group leader when or even IF I'll be finished but I still have some motivation left to spend on that whole stuff.


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