Creating success

Wow, what a weekend. Yeah, I know that it's Thursday but I've been busy since last Friday in a row.

The weekend was filled with an update of our software platform to the very latest version, involving changes at almost every place in the system. There were also changes necessary in attached applications which are completely out of our responsibility, but because no one is around anymore we got the job to fix these too.

All in all we started at Friday evening with database preparations needed for the software switch between Saturday and Sunday night. The database changes went almost flawlessly.

Between Saturday and Sunday we changed the software part of our platform too which wasn't that flawless and had some very unexpected occourences but finally we managed to bring the system up almost in time. During the whole process, customers should have noticed problems only three times for a few moments. We're getting better every time :)

Sunday to Tuesday we were busy almost all day long fixing incoming bug reports and minor changes but by Wednesday the System was working as expected.

We'll still be busy with some afterwork for some time but that'll have an end.

The client seems to be quite happy with our work and I guess that there are already other projects lurking around there. There is a chance that this client will grow quite a bit and in that case we'll be there to feed it to make it big.

On the other side, we're all quite exhausted from that weekend but that'll go by too. And I think we're all proud of our common success.


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