New VDMSound version out (for ages)

What is VDMSound you may ask?

Well, VDMSound is a tool which somehow emulates old sound- and control-hardware for even older games and makes them working even on the newest Windows XP or Windows 2000 if there exists no patch for that game for this purpose. Great tool for running my loved System Shock. (See here and here if you want to try that game yourself). But I also have managed to get Populous, Dune, Dune2, Might and Magic, STTNG: A final unity and many others running through it. Only very few programs still completely refuse to run at all with it.

Yes, I know, this "new" version already dates back on 2003 but because when I tried to search on the internet for VMDSound I only found versions like 2.0.4 or else linked.

But deep burried after dozens of hops I came to a site where version 2.1.0 is offered. Public beta, sure, but when it remained unchanged since 2003 I consider it quite stable.

And that's why I'm now directly linking to the VDMSound 2.1.0 PUBLIC BETA thread here, to make it a bit easier to locate around in the web.


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