Weekend roundup

Whoa, what a weekend. Last Friday I was only minutes before acquiring a new car but I just missed the car-seller. He was in the weekend before I could tell him that I finally got my money from insurance on Friday noon.

On Saturday we were grilling and invited a few friends for that. Food was great but much was left at the end. Bought a bit too much, something left for Sunday.

Saturday to Sundays night a enourmous thunderstorm was going on around our house. It was like world was going down. Hailing, rain, storm, flashes... full featured of course. Then slowly beginning to settle down and back to normal rain. Going up to check the roof and suddenly out of nothing I thought US was invading us. Enourmous "explosions" on the upper side of the roof, hail returned! I could count our roof tiles breaking just by hearing them shatter. We turned on the lights around the house and saw hailstones lying around with the diameter of a bottle of Coke. Up into the roof again and we were hurrying to put buckets below the spots where the rain was coming in. Great! This storm lasted for another half hour before it completely stopped.

The next day we checked our roof from the outside and of course we found several holes with (really!) the size of a coke-bottle's diameter. Luckily everything is (again) covered by insurance.

And today I went to the car seller early in the morning, bought my new Fiat Punto HLX JTD, drove to insurance outpost, set up car-registration and insurance, drove back to car seller and picked up my new vehicle! Finally, I'm on my own again, after almost 6 weeks of car-withdrawal...


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