Zotob outage

This morning our company was struck quite hard by the Zotob.A worm.

When I came into office this morning, my corporate machine was shut down and when I restarted it, it began shutting down after about two minutes. Great... Time for coffee! There I met several other people whose computers also shut down unexpectedly and told me that there has been a virus alert mailed out by the company's IT department and that they're currently working on the issue.

Well, I couln't wait for them and manually downloaded the latest virus definition file for our virus-scanner, updated, rebooted and have been virus-free since that. Well, I also installed Microsofts Patch for the PNP service from Security Bulletin MS05-039 to be on the safe side.

Personally I have been virus-free on all computers I have full access to since I'm working with personal computers. Every machine I work on has a firewall and a virus scanner installed and running.

The corporate computer was only infected because I don't have full access and it is not permitted to install personal firewalls onto it, so it's not my fault :)


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