Blog update problems

I've been having problems with posting and updating entries on this blog for quite some time now. Eventually I found out that I can work around posting problems when I did an index-rebuild after posting an entry. This didn't solve the underlying problem but since I thought that only I as poster was faced with problems I didn't investigate further in this issue.

Well, my thought was wrong and readers are too faced with this problem. More precisely readers are running into errors when they try to post comments or trackbacks.

So I dug a bit deeper into the problem and found out that the server stops the MovableType process because it's taking too long to rebuild the pages after a new post, comment or trackback has been published. It's being written to the database but the update of the webpage just takes too long to complete.

Even further down the ultimate cause seems to lie in the feature of my category archives which contain all posts in that category since the start of my blog.

I'll try to find an alternate solution for these archives to get rid of the problems. Expect weird behaviour for them in the meantime!


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