A new hope for 'lil Nana

On Good Friday last week we had a small easter surprise when our cat suddenly came around having a baby hare in its mouth. My parents saved the little thing from the cat and brought it to us. What a cute little handfull of fur :)

Until we began to think about what to do with it and we recognized the coin-sized wound on its back, a reminder from its meeting with the cat. We knew that if it would have to stay with us it wouldn't survive. Taking it back to its mother was also no option anymore after being captured by our cat. Mother wouldn't take it back...

Luckilly my mother remembered an article about a woman who takes care and raises wounded small wildlife. And she had her station about 15 minutes from our home.

We took the little furball there where it got first aided and fed with special milk. The woman said she never raised a baby hare which immediately ate something after being brought to her. Normally they take their first meal after one or two days. Yeah, this was a sprightly little cuteness.

Later we were told that it was a female hare, that we could choose a name for it and that we can visit her anytime.

We'll surely meet again, little Nana. And we'll look out for photos of you on the homepage of the association "Kleine Wildtiere in grosser Not".


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