August 23, 2006

TiddlyWiki as SVG editor - Part 2

My idea of a TiddlyWiki-plugin which allows some basic painting is still floating around in my head.

Today I'll just collect some links to ressources and ideas which could be helpful in the creation of such a thing:

  • How to Drag and Drop in Javascript
  • DHTML VectorGraphics Library
  • TiddlyWiki Wikibar-Plugin
  • The tiddler-metadata-container of the upcoming TiddlyWiki 2.1.0 could be used as storage for the build-rules of a drawing inside a tiddler
  • Perhaps an "Insert Drawing" link or button could open an overlay image-editor above the TiddlyWiki for drawing; after finishing the drawing it could be moved around in the tiddlers content, or a special tag like [SVG:test_image] could be inserted at the target position inside the tiddlers content which references that drawing

August 17, 2006

Another lifesign

Sorry for the lacking updates but there have been several personal and private issues recently which put my mind in a state not appropiate for blogging.

But I plan to catch up soon.

August 3, 2006


The last few days I'm feeling as if I had assimilated all of Despair, Inc.. I'm completely demotivated, tired and physically exhausted. My back still hurts altough a bit less, seems the physiotherapy has some positive effect.

One of the few positive things around is, that there have been a few situations and developments recently which made me feel more connected to some of the people around me. Thanks, you know who you are!