Blog comment changes

I just reworked a bit of the comment backend here in my blog (again).

Why did no one tell me that it's been quite hard to post comments if the Post-button is below the bottom border of the comment-window and this window has it's scrollbars deactivated? Nevertheless, this should work now again.

And I also changed the spamprotection. Now if you post a comment, you have to write a special word in an additional entry field. This should now finally lock out all automatic spammers which have managed to slip through my protections up until today. And human spammers will in my opinion never be reliably blockable by automatic mechanisms. So it's as best as it can get I think for that problem.

Of course there are still some other problems with the commenting in my blog here and there but now you should really be able to tell me via a comment in this post for example.


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