In the last few weeks work progress was relatively high but in the recent days it has somewhat stalled. This is because we have been preparing a big project with overarching changes for the central computer systems of our customer and currently our plannings are in evaluation and preparation for signing. And before contracts aren't signed I cannot start my technical preparations.

So, currently I'm more or less busy with maintenance work and other small things I've been shifting ahead for quite some time now but not much of it is very interesting.

But on the other side I got a brand new TFT screen to replace my main work monitor and I expect to receive another TFT and a new computer to replace my oldest machine here in a few days. A third TFT was initially offered but I doubt that I'll get it. Altough a wall of TFTs on my table would certainly contribute greatly to the geekness factor. The TFTs also have buildin speakers so that I'm now listening to music streams all day.


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