Car expenses

Yesterday the clutch of my car wore off. I recognized it in the morning when I was on the highway trying to overtake another car and my rpm-display went up but my speed-display stayed the same. So I decided to drive defensively for the rest of the day and make an appointment to the garage in the afternoon. I had to go there anyway for an optical repair someone caused last Saturday by touching my car during parking (which is already paid by him).

I decided to combine the clutch repair with a complete service which is also overdue now by 2 or 3 thousand kilometers (a few weeks of driving).

My misfortune was that repairing the clutch is not a trivial task with my car and that the service for my vehicle also includes a change of the cam belt at 120.000km where I'm around now. Also no trivial task.

In total the estimated costs are currently almost equal to one months salary but I expect them to become even a bit higher than that. I'll know more next week, when the garage is finished with the car.


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