Tomorrow is the important day. My sweetheart and I have to take the ordering test at the FH Joanneum, an university of applied science.

I've been cool so far but today I feel a bit of uneasiness creeping up. Well, understandable because it's a test which will affect great parts of our future and decides if we're allowed to attend the university for the next five years or not.

Our chosen course, "Software Design", lasts six semesters and equips us with the degree "Bachelor" (BSc) and allows us to complement our education afterwards with the master degree programme "Advanced Security Engineering" which we will finish as "Master of Science" (MSc).

Since these are courses which run independend from our work, we'll have to take them in our personal time. Notably Thursday evenings, Friday afternoon and evenings and Saturday all-day. For the next five years...

So you see, we're trying to load as much stress on our shoulders as we can :)


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