Suckin' dust

Just came back from making a 100km shopping tour. And all for one single item, the Dyson DC11 Telescope Allergy.

I know it's a bit expensive but I got a great discount on it, almost one third of its price. The reason why I bought this sucker is that until now our family only used vacuums with bags and besides having running costs for the bags they often broke after one or two years, began to loose suction when the bag were not even filled 20 percent and were often built in a slacky way.

We decided to end this torture for more than 2 years this time and looked around for bagless cleaners which are robust and have good reviews. Most of the Dyson cleaners fulfill these requirements according the reviews and so the search for a cheap retailer began. It endet when I found a store about 50km from home which offered the DC08 and DC11 at a price much cheaper than I found them anywhere else.

And so the deal was set.

Now I'm already curious for trying it out the first time and comparing it to our previous suckers... ;)


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