Researchers get an open platform for sharing their knowledge

In the last few months and years there has been an ongoing discussion about open and free platforms for scientists and researchers to collect and share their combined knowledge.

Until now there were very few possibilities for scientists, to be true I don't know a single one, to make their documents available to the public without costs. Of course, they could post their findings on a personal or corporate website but in that case they would have to set up a platform for commenting and easy access theirselves and also make this location detectable. This is too steep for most scientists.

But now Nature has set up an open and free platform, called Nature Precedings, where scientists can upload their documents and make them available for an open community to categorize, read, cite, comment, tag and most important search. It also provides RSS feeds and discussion possibilities like many of the socializing platforms out there.

Hopefully this step now speeds up the movement to more open and more accessable research in the whole scientific community.

In my opinion making research available for commenting and searching to anybody can only add more quality to the researches.


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