August 31, 2007

Bubble of wishes

It's 2:08am. The LED-display on the clock tells me. She's lying next to me in bed. Sleeping. Dreaming. I know because her eye-lids are moving. I reach over, firmly touching her head. Removing a strand of hair from her face. The eyes stop moving. I stroke her long, slightly curled hair. My hand runs over her shoulders on her back. Feeling her skin. I move closer to her. Wrap my arms around her. Carefully, not to wake her up. Smelling her flavor. Cuddling. Pressing her against me. She smiles. Feels safe. Automatically holds me too. That's it. I don't need anything else. Forever this feeling. A change of the clock disturbs my happiness. 2:16am. I'm alone in bed. The dream is gone. The bubble bursted. I'm unable to sleep. All my thoughts circle around her. 2:22am. I know this will become a long night... Again... Alone...

August 24, 2007

Where's the ring?

That's the feeling I'm experiencing currently every other minute... Several times I catch myself trying to play with the ring on my finger which has been there for several years now. But now when my fingers reach the skin instead of the metal I realize what I've been doing.

But over time, I'll get used to the new absence too...

August 19, 2007

Changes details

Ok, now it's official. My darling and I split up, she just finished moving out of my place. The year-long efforts of my mother and grandmother finally paid off as their little teases put that much stress on our relationship that it would be unjustifiable for both of us if she sticked with me any longer.

It would have been easier for us if there would be any significant reason within our relationship for a breakup, but there's nothing like that.

Thanks ma, thanks grandma for putting an end to the happiest time in my life. You really know what's best for me...

August 5, 2007


Radical changes are going on. Those who have to know know already, the rest will know soon. 5yr 7mth