Bubble of wishes

It's 2:08am. The LED-display on the clock tells me. She's lying next to me in bed. Sleeping. Dreaming. I know because her eye-lids are moving. I reach over, firmly touching her head. Removing a strand of hair from her face. The eyes stop moving. I stroke her long, slightly curled hair. My hand runs over her shoulders on her back. Feeling her skin. I move closer to her. Wrap my arms around her. Carefully, not to wake her up. Smelling her flavor. Cuddling. Pressing her against me. She smiles. Feels safe. Automatically holds me too. That's it. I don't need anything else. Forever this feeling. A change of the clock disturbs my happiness. 2:16am. I'm alone in bed. The dream is gone. The bubble bursted. I'm unable to sleep. All my thoughts circle around her. 2:22am. I know this will become a long night... Again... Alone...


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