March 25, 2008

Skype issues

In the last few days, my Skype-contacts and I have experienced several connectivity issues. Messages not being delivered or being delayed for hours (some say even days). A quick look around on the Skype homepage revealed no further insight. Altough I saw, that Skype recently reached 12 million concurrent users online, maybe they have some slight problems on the backend side...

March 10, 2008

Maths exam done

Last Friday we fought our long-feared battle against the math exam papers. Immediately after I've finished the work and left the class I felt extremely disappointed because the test was so easy and hardly covered a fourth of the stuff we had to learn (I guess). The different pieces were plain easy and solveable almost with the formula-sheet alone.

For what reason did I spend almost every free hour in the last few weeks learning maths with my colleagues? And had the feeling that I was not even good enough at all the stuff to reach a positive mark?

Dammit. I'm happy that the current semester is the last one where we have to bear this teacher and mathematics at all.

March 5, 2008

Stressing week

As some of the people around me may have noticed, the last week was composed of work and events which lifted my stress level to previously unknown heights.

In a short summary and with no particular order:

  • talked with a tiler about the tiling of my bathroom and toilet
  • the first lessons in Russian were held and it's even more difficult than I thought, particularly the handwriting
    • got lots of homework, but I didn't manage to work on it...
  • come-back-together with my sweetheart, altough we aren't living together again
  • dozends of hours learning maths for the upcoming exam in two days
    • increasingly frustrating because the papers the teacher provided are full of errors and are missing the exact calculations
  • preparing a move-out from home to take year or two on my own because of various reasons
    1. looking through various offered appartments, negotiations with landlords
    2. fight with parents, especially the female part, over this
    3. decided to cancel the move-out for now (but still an option for me personally)
  • trying to fit all of the above into a 24h/7d week, quite a bit of struggling to do so

Whew... Currently I have the feeling that I'm really running near the edge of my capabilities. Not crossing the line yet but not far from there either...

Ah, yes, and the cam is still not here but at Fuji support as the seller let me know.