February 26, 2008

Cam update

There are some news on my recently acquired camera obscura, which was failing instanly. After some misunderstandings in our communication the seller offered to take it back, repair it on his own cost and send it to me again. Initially I had some headaces with this suggestion, as then the seller would have both, the camera and my money, and I would have nothing for some time. Eventually after some discussion I agreed and sent the whole package back to him. Last Saturday I got the message that the package was received and that it will be taken to service this Monday. Today I was notified that the Fuji support needs to order some parts from elsewhere (well, if the lens is failing and the F31 is a discontinued model which is already rare on all markets, it's not that hard to guess, which part has to be ordered from far away) and that the seller expects the camera to return by the end of this week.

So far it seems, everything is going well, better than I expected.

If the schedule holds, which I do not expect because of the rareness of F31 parts, the cam should arrive in my hands by around mid next week.

Furthermore, if the cam prooves to be working and produce the images I expect the seller will be happy with a quite positive feedback.

February 17, 2008

Cam disappointment...

Well, I had some time to play with my cam now and the results are... disappointment... After about one day, the display showed "Focus error" and the lens did not slide back into the cam after turning it off.

Of course, the seller on eBay insists, that it was working when he sent it to me.

Now I hope that the Fuji Support can help me somehow, even if it costs some more. Unless it keeps within the 100EUR range, it's still in the price range where it's available elsewhere on eBay.


February 14, 2008

Extraterrestrial search shutdown

After many years of being a brave supporter of SETI@home and in the more recent time BOINC I've decided now to stop accepting new workpackages on all of my instances and let the current ones finish. After that I'll uninstall all my instances of BOINC.

I'm a bit sorry for that but I've decided to do so because my instances were running on my work-computers and in the recent time the drawbacks like memory- and cpu-usage as well as the increased fan-noise because of cpu-heat began to overweight what I counted as my personal contribution to scientific research. Instead I count this removal now as another contribution to environment-awarenes by reducing the wear on my equipment and minimizing the power-consumption.

Farewell Seti, it has been a long journey since about 1998 when we met...

February 13, 2008

Welcome my new toy...

My recently acquired F31fd arrived today. I'm already super curious on what pictures I'll be able to shoot and will try it out thoroughly. We'll see, how it will work out...

February 11, 2008


Some memories are fated to fade, some are fated to stay for a lifetime. As one can not choose which memories will be which type, the only thing left to me is to hope that those from last weekend are the latter ones...

February 7, 2008

Waiting for the cam...

Last Sunday the time was right. Stumbling over a cheap offer, I quickly arranged the acquisition of my favorite Point&Shoot digital camera, the Fujifilm F31fd. I had to act quickly because when I saw the offering, it was quite cheap and possible to instant-buy, so it was to expect that this auction wouldn't last very long. I want to thank the girlfriend of my bro' for assisting me with the eBay-handling of the whole transactions.

The rapid decision was done by the calculation, that if the unexpected event happens and the F100fd has better image quality and features than the pre-reviews currently available suggest, I still can sell the cam on eBay again and with a high chance will get back more money than I had to pay for it. The wonders of market economics, buy low sell high :)

I guess that it will arrive somewhere around the beginning of next week, sadly I missed carnival with some quite nice opportunities for great shots.

February 3, 2008

Exam weekend over

The last two days have again been an exam-weekend and I've been learning with my classmates to survive past Friday and Saturday in one piece. I think all of them as well as myself have done not too bad and I'm positive that there will be no major problems arising as the marks will be told in the near future.

The next and last exams for this semester will be near the end of February so this means the next few days will offer the possibility to relax a bit. We've been learning for the exams almost every weekend and several times during the week for the last 5 or 6 weeks now and there has been little time to sleep long or just catch some breath.

Now is the time and I'll calm down a bit before continuing and preparing the final exams...