Waiting for the cam...

Last Sunday the time was right. Stumbling over a cheap offer, I quickly arranged the acquisition of my favorite Point&Shoot digital camera, the Fujifilm F31fd. I had to act quickly because when I saw the offering, it was quite cheap and possible to instant-buy, so it was to expect that this auction wouldn't last very long. I want to thank the girlfriend of my bro' for assisting me with the eBay-handling of the whole transactions.

The rapid decision was done by the calculation, that if the unexpected event happens and the F100fd has better image quality and features than the pre-reviews currently available suggest, I still can sell the cam on eBay again and with a high chance will get back more money than I had to pay for it. The wonders of market economics, buy low sell high :)

I guess that it will arrive somewhere around the beginning of next week, sadly I missed carnival with some quite nice opportunities for great shots.


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