Some visual impressions

Yes, I'm still alive. Just had quite few spare time because I had to manage to get my tiles and organize everything with the tiler (which is still not finished). Furthermore work and university have been quite time-consuming lately.

Nevertheless to give you a bit of an excuse, I've found a few seconds of time to play with my cam again and here are the two shots which I like most.

The first is a tunnel exit where I had only seconds to get the cam, turn it on and fire, so please excuse the low image quality.

On the second picture I tried to make some long-exposure shots of a fountain but only this one at 1.5sec came out nicely and not too overexposed. I still have to practice at this. Furthermore I want to buy a small tripod because I couldn't find a nice location to stabilize the cam during the shot but had to place it on a trash bin and tilt it a bit with a handkerchief.


The light at the end of the tunnel

Night fountain


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