Flickr allows embedding photos again in blogs

You may remember that about half a year ago I had some thoughts about how to change the photo hosting platform for this blog. Up to that day I used Flickr when I recognized that they had changed their licenses and external linking policy. The new conditions in the license and policy did not allow embedding of photos from external locations anymore. Since that time I've been using a workaround (by embedding Google Photo images via the legacy Picasa Web albums interface) for the images in my blog postings.

Well, it seems that Flickr/Yahoo has revised their decision again. I guess it has something to do with their tries to get back into mainstream again and is very probable connected to their incredible 1TB Flickr relaunch.

But not only do they allow external embedding again, they even reenabled that functionality at a much more accessible location than before. Via the "Share" symbol, which is available at any location within Flickr, you can immediately access the sharing/embedding menu for photos or albums on Flickr.

For me personally this makes the decision not easier. Back in November I began using Googles services for photo hosting which allows embedding but is not really straightforward as it requires the workaround I mentioned above (via the Picasaweb-interface) to retrieve the sharing HTML code. And that code wasn't 100% correct as it contained some invalid links which I had to fix manually.

I guess, I'll switch back to Flickr again for new albums in the future but continue to use Google Photos/Picasaweb for the ones which I created there. It's nice to see that there are still some companies out there who reconsider past decisions and revert them. Enabling integration of provided services at independend locations instead of locking in any data/files/information the users provide is in my opinion a key factor to make it possible for others to leverage the services to otherwise impossible solutions.


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