Stressful time

Yes, the promised additional photos are still lacking presence. Yes, there are still blog-updates happening every two to three weeks. Yes, I know.

Sorry for that. I've been trying to keep up with work and the stuff we have to do this semester for the university. This time we've got a project assignment in almost every subject also with some quit tight schedules.

Also at work there have been some interesting changes as we have made significant changes to our Scrum development process. We changed the teams completely and also mixed up all of the upcoming tasks which means that the new teams have to adopt to the new areas they're working on now. But so far I think it works even better than expected and we're producing results faster than we hoped. I'm quite positive that this will advance even more in the near future. Exciting times ahead...

What has been some sort of a setback in the last weeks were some expenses I had to take for my car. A big regular maintenance, some rust removal (rust has been no surprise but the amount was unexpected) and a change of my handlebars. New winter tires were also necessary. Bye bye, last months salary :( At least it's cheaper than having to purchase a new car (with more unexpected sidecosts) and I'm dependent on being mobile. But I think my car is now prepared for some more years to come.


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