RSA SecurID Token number symmetry

At our company we're using RSAs SecurID hardware tokens to connect our computers to the central company network infrastructure.

As my computer, for unknown reason, drops out of the VPN connection regularly I have to log on using this token quite often. And the more I have to look at the generated numbers, the more I get the impression that the tokens often generate "symmetric-looking" numbers. Just at the moment I'm looking at 568561. The next such ones (in a timeframe of about 8-10 minutes) are: 804508, 259825, 438858, 832738.

To me these numbers look not as random as they should, but of course I could be wrong and everything is really just coincidence. Is it really just randomness which causes so many codes with such a symmetric display and so many repeating numbers?

One could now begin to calculate the chances of two digits appearing twice in a collection of 6 digits. How high would the probability be?

I don't really know because I don't have enough time to investigate, but it leaves a curious feeling...


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