Skype chat commands

It's not a widespread knowledge that Skype has not only hidden emoticons (see also Skypes own emoticon list)but also allows some special commands within an open Skype chat. Thanks to my darling for the hint. There are some lists available on the net but they aren't easy to locate and I found none which has a listing of all commands. Well, I don't know if I for myself have found all available commands, but none of the list contained all of those I know.

So here I'm compiling my own list of Skype commands with descriptions and if you're interested some of the lists I used for this are at the bottom of this entry. Most of the commands are for administering the running chat, some are only available when you are the chat creator and some more only if you issued "/goadmin" before. Also at some spots in the net it was said, that some commands are only applicable when the "IRC Style" view of chats is activated but I couldn't confirm that.

Furthermore a lot of the commands show only effect or make any sense at all (especially the user management related ones) if used in a public chat.

If you have knowledge of more of those commands or about the ones with a question mark please leave me a note in the comments.

Update 2009-04-25 - Filled most gaps, added descriptions and links to official Skype pages.
Update 2010-08-21 - Minor updates to the options concerning joining a chat.
Update 2010-10-30 - Discovered a load of additional mysterious chat commands. Left them in a separate post until more info available.
Update 2012-11-17 - Minor updates for Skype 6


/me [action]Describes an action of the user by printing his name followed by the action.
/helpShows a list of available commands. It's incomplete but helps with general administrating tasks.
/add [skypename]Adds the user skypename to the chat.
/leaveLeave the current chat (only if not creator).
/topic [newTopic]Sets a new topic to the chat.
/find [text]Looks for text in the chat history.
/fa or /Repeats the last search.
/alertson or /alertson [text]"/alertson text" sets the skype notification to occour on special text in messages. "/alertson" resets it to the default. If an alert is set, every instance of the text will be highlighted in the chat window for easier detection of the alerting lines.
/alertsoffTurns off all notifications for this chat.
/historyLoads the complete chat history into the active chat window.
/htmlhistoryGenerates a HTML file of the chats history and opens it in the browser. Skype 4: not iplemented in this version anymore.
/clearClears the chat window.
/infoShows number and limit of chat participants.
/call [skypename]Opens a call to skypename.
/goadminEnters the administration mode of the chat (only if creator) and adds a small text "Creator" to the user-icon in the chat. I didn't find so far a way to leave this mode again. According to the Skype documentation the only effect is the "Creator" tag but I'm not so sure about that.
/get creatorShows the creator of this chat.
/get roleShows the current role of the user.
/whois [skypename]Shows some info of the user skypename, for example the current role.
/setrole [skypename] MASTER | HELPER | USER | LISTENERSets roles of chat members. See below for more info.
/kick [skypename]Removes skypename from the chat.
/kickban [skypename]Removes skypename from the chat and bans him.
/get guidelinesShows the guidelines of this public chat.
/set guidelines [text]Sets the guidelines of this public chat.
/get optionsShows the current active options for this chat.
/set options [[+|-]flag]Sets options for this chat, see below for more info.
/get [creator|masters|helpers|users|listeners]Shows a list of users in the particular role.
/setpassword [password] [hint]Sets a password for this public chat, no spaces allowed, and also a password hint in the same command.
/clearpasswordRemoves the password for this public chat.
/set pasword_hint [text]Sets a password hint for this public chat.
/get password_hintShows the password hint for this public chat.
/set password [text]Sets a password for this public chat, no spaces allowed.
/set banlist [[+|-]mask]Bans members from this public chat.
/get banlistShows all users which are banned to this public chat.
/set allowlist[[+|-]mask]Allows members to this public chat.
/get allowlistShows all users which are allowed to this public chat.
/get uriSkype 4: Gets the URI link for this public chat which can then be sent to contacts or embedded in webpages.
/eggy? Has been rumoured as easter-egg but seems to have no effect at all (at least not in recent versions of Skype).
/undoeditSkype 6: Reverts the last edit of a message.

Chat roles and privileges

Straight from the Skype API Documentation.

CREATORMember who created the chat. There can be only one creator per chat. Only creator can promote other members to masters.
MASTERAlso known as chat hosts. Masters cannot promote other people to masters.
HELPERA semi-privileged member. Helpers will not be affected by the USERS_ARE_LISTENERS option. Helpers cannot promote or demote other members.
USERRegular members who can post messages into the chat.
LISTENERA demoted member who can only receive messages but not post anything into the chat.
APPLICANTA member waiting for acceptance into the chat. Member cannot be demoted to applicants once they have been accepted.

Chat options

These options are also from the Skype API, I had no chance to test these so far.

JOINING_ENABLEDWhen this bit is off, new users cannot join the chat. This option has to be enabled before the options JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTS and JOINERS_BECOME_LISTENERS can be set. Also, this cannot be disabled while one of the JOINERS_BECOME_xxx options is still set.
JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTSWhen this bit is on, new users will be able to join the chat but they will be unable to post or receive messages until authorized by one of the chat administrators (CREATOR or MASTER).
JOINERS_BECOME_LISTENERSWhen this bit is on, new users will be able to receive message in chat but unable to post until promoted to USER role. Basically a read-only flag for new users.
HISTORY_DISCLOSEDWhen this bit is off, newly joined members can see chat history prior to their joining. Maximum amount of history backlog available is either 400 messages or 2 weeks of time, depending on which limit is reached first.
USERS_ARE_LISTENERSRead-only flag for chat members with USER role.
TOPIC_AND_PIC_LOCKED_FOR_USERSWhen this bit of options is off, USER level chat members can change chat topic and the topic picture.
USERS_ARE_WRITERS? This appeared to me after setting and removing the USERS_ARE_LISTENERS in a chat, but I didn't recognize some changed behavior to the standard.

Other Skype trivia

  • If you press different key combinations of 3 letters at once on your keyboard (fast!) you can make some other hidden status-icons appear next to your Skype-image (and in recent versions also in the chat-window itself) in a chat. For example "jkl" or "uio" produce an animated icon where a pencil is broken, "cat" or "dog" make a nice cat appear. Just try around, until now I've just found those two icons.

External Links & Sources How To Make Links To Skype Chats On Web Pages And Email


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can I have video cat with 2 or more people at the same timim on my PC?

Great info - thanks for putting this together.



@sunny_blake: Not at the moment. Video chat is currently limited to 2 participants. See

Is there anyway to disable joining for an entire group chat?

@Ian: Joining is only possible with public chats. As with the Skype version I'm currently using, I'm not able anymore to create such chats. Any ideas?

If you're the admin of a public chat, it should be possible to disable joining by issuing the command:
'/set options -JOINING_ENABLED'

I have a MASTER role at the skype-chat with the next options: options=JOINING_ENABLED JOINERS_BECOME_APPLICANTS.
Can you please help me, where can I confirm the APPLICANTS to become USERs, 'cause I can't find such option?

What is the helper role ? can the helper - add and kick people from a chat?

@Yuri: Sorry, I have no idea how you could accept applicants for a chat. I have never had the possibility to try this out and with recent versions of Skype public chats have become a bit more difficult to deal with those.

@Lynn: Yes, the helper should be able to perform those activities. He's just a tad below the MASTER role so that he cannot assign new roles to chat members.

I created a channel, then left it and then got added to it again. /get creator gives my name as creator but I can not kick people for example. Any suggestions what to do?

@invertedquestionmark: Also check your role with "/get role" after getting re-added. I guess you get re-added with the USER role instead of the CREATOR role (which makes sense if a USER re-adds you, to avoid privilege boosting). USERs cannot kick people anymore. Is this the case in your scenario?

Is there anyway to set a user limit in a chat?

@sorakun13: Sorry, none that I know of.

What exactly would i type to make all users listeners

Im the creator of a group, i can kick all members, exept one, and he is a USER.


@joshy: AFAIK there is no command to make all users listeners at once.

@Sessh: I have no idea. Has this user been promoted to something higher at some time? Furthermore I can imagine, that Skype grades down a group-chat to a normal 1to1-chat when only one participant is left and then there is no sense in managing a chat anymore as you could just close the window and open a new one with other participants at any time.

I'm trying to use the JOINERS_BECOME_LISTENERS thing, and I'm typing /set options + JOINERS_BECOME_LISTENERS

I've also tried a minus sign and lots of different combinations but nothing seems to work, I know it doesn't work because when I type in /get options it will tell me that there is no optionssomebody please get back to me on this

@Tris: Firstly, you must not type a space between '+' or '-' and the option.
Furthermore, to set the options for joiners, you have to have JOINING_ENABLED set previously on the chat.


PS.: I will update the instructions for this, thanks for posting the problem and having me try out combinations myself ;)

@sessh To my knowledge there is a way to make all users listens at once. That is using the option of USERS_ARE_LISTENERS. So you would do /set options +USERS_ARE_LISTENERS

If you want certain users to not be affected by this, you can make them helpers and they will still be able to chat.

"Can you please help me, where can I confirm the APPLICANTS to become USERs, 'cause I can't find such option?

The only way i have figured out how to do it is to remove that setting(Joiners_become_aplicants) and they will be allowed in to the chat.. Its a hard way to do it, but it looks like its the only way to do it =/ Then put that setting on again so ppl have to be "approved"...

So, in my group chat, I set up some options, but I logged out and logged back in, and now all of the options except JOINING_ENABLED are turned off. Is there a way to save these options?

I made a chat (I was running Skype 4 at the time) and I added everyone.. A few days ago I got Skype 5 (if it matters) and now that I'm trying to use these commands, everyone has the role "MASTER" when I never promoted EVERYONE (I know that because I had no idea of these commands). Is there a way to demote these people AND is there a reason why everyone is a MASTER

@Mitchell: What do you mean by log off and back in? Leaving the chat or just going offline with Skype/computer?

@ethood1999: Is it really YOUR chat? Check with '/get creator' I know of no automatism, which promotes everyone to MASTER on certain events...

@kosi: Yes, it really is my chat. I used that, and it says I'm the creator and everyone else are MASTERs.

@ethood1999: Ok, I have to admit that I have no idea how this happened. Maybe some setting somewhere? If you ever find out, please let me know :)

@Mitchell: Maybe all users is promoted to masters because you have left the chat. I think that if the creator (from an earlier version) leaves (in a newer) maybe the chat becomes "open" for everybody. I have just begun plaing with these commands, but it seems pretty easy to find out.

I am making a Skype commands testing Group Chat and shared doc to see which of the above commands and possibly others work and what happens in detail. Please contact me on Skype: juliewolf if interested in testing, learning and feedback on what we want things to do. I may also make a Public Chat from my 3.8 (I can switch btn v3.8, v 4.1 and v5.0 at this moment).

Thanks for this above list Kosi, I'll look for you on Skype.

Oh! The API links to the Skype API documentation ummm... either doesn't work or was moved and I've not been able to find it. Says,
"You Had Me At Problem!" cute.

I recall when I first used the Skype. I just know the basic. I don't know how I can use the other features others can use. On reading essay papers, I know the things that I have to know. But some commands here are new to me.

Please tell me how to erase chats after I am finished. I do not like someone being able to click on a name and see anything we have previously talked about.

Erasing chats is not possible because they are not stored on a central server or only on your computer but on anyones computer who took part of the chat/conversation. You could only delete your own history from your pc but not the logfiles on other computers. I also know no chat-application which offered a functionality you're looking for.

I would like to say..."thank you" Even my genius hacking friend didn't know about these command prompts.By the way.../eggy really messed up my skype. THANKS A LOT!!!

and by the can erase messages on skype. You can erase your own,or if you are the leader of a group conference,you can erase anyone's messages. Just wanted to share my input on that.

@hubby/huggy: I'm glad my list could help you. As for your "/eggy" issue, could you please give me more info, what exactly happened to your Skype?
For the erasing of messages: yes, this is possible, but there are limits: changes are only duplicated to your chat-partner(s) if they are online AND if the message is still young. Eg. you cannot remove messages which are older than about one hour (didn't take exact measurements, but you definitely cannot delete yesterdays messages).

sorry i switched my name around. Skype started calling random people and because of that...they befriended me

umm....also i'd like to say,i have skype5 premium and eggy worked

hi! I'd like to say....I found a super cool hack for skype! If you're interested visit!!! Although i've been having a hard getting on the website though.

hi genius friend!!! so you joined the forums???

Hello....i'd like to say...i didn't say any of the things about that my genius friend is on the forums.I believe someone blackmailed me. I was wondering if you could put a security kind o thing so nobody can black mail
Thank You!

I guess you meant, someone wrote in your name... not blackmailing. According to the logs, all messages have been posted from the same IP and with the same email-address (which is unreachable btw.) so all of them have most likely originated from your computer. If you're sure, that you didn't write these messages, check your computer for security problems, maybe you have caught a trojan or else.

i have all of the latest security things on my computer.I'm sorry to say this but i believe someone copied my e-mail address to make it look like i wrote it. By the old are all of you? I want to know who i am talking to.

@hubby/huggy: Having all security updates installed is by no means a guarantee, that there has been no tampering with your computer. Furthermore, your email and IP is not available or displayed through this website, so if you're suspecting someone to post with your name it has to be someone who knows your address and is able to post from the same IP address. There is no possibility to securely protect from this from my position. I tried to get into contact with you with the email-address you provided, but all messages are rejected by your provider ("The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (state 14)."). If you want to know more details about me, have a look at the About Me page of this blog. I also ask you to get into contact with me with a working email-address, you can also find my contact-address on the About Me page.

i had a friend who had this website and there was this guy named jerry bessin.He destroyed the website. I've seen his name around...wonder if it was him......

@kiosi2810 so guessing your 20ish. K then just wanted 2 know i finished my master's degree in engineering.

I set up a chat room but I can't seem to set options or roles on it. Others in the chat room are inviting people and I don't know how to stop them being able to. I want people to be able to read and post so I assumed that the role would be one of USER. However, they seem to be able to invite and boot people from the room at will. Any suggestions?

@saturn6702 I've been having the same problem. I believe this worked for me...what you want to do is write in the im "ROLE_MASTER" see if that works. If your friends keep inviting friends you can always block the people they invite for a limited time...then when you are done the chat...unblock them. I tried both of these things and they seemed to work. If you are having any more issues....please notify me. Hubby/Huggy. By the you happen to know mental case?

Sorry...I didn't see that you couldn't do roles. I also suggest reinstalling skype and if possible getting the freshist version. You may have a buggy version of skype if you cannot do roles or set options. I've been doing some light research and have also found that if your friends are inviting people you do not share contacts can go to skype options"tools" and go to IM and SMS. Hit IM settings and the first step is to make sure that you have the option that people cannot chat with you if they do not share contacts with you. Also you can go to privacy settings in the options and make sure everything is protected from anyone else. I'll continue researching for you. Hope this helps!!! Over and out Hubby/Huggy

@Kiosi2810: Please provide some infromation on mental case. Mental Case is well....a mental case. In otherwords an idiot. I saw that he was in the eighth grade and probably just found this website.
Thank You! Hubby/Huggy. Ps. try this e-mail address

Sorry....guess your name is Kiosi2801

How can i disable /eggy eastern egg in my chatroom?

@Nimrod: there is no way to disable certain commands on your chatrooms clients, sorry.
@Saturn6702: I assume you have set up a group chat. In a group chat everyone is allowed to add people to a chat, but only the creator/admin(s) are allowed to boot people. What exactly do you want to achieve?
@Hubby/Huggy: I tried to get in contact with you several times by mail to not pollute this comment area. But you didn't respond at any of the mail addresses. I'm going to clean up the non-topic related messages in these comments soon to make it less confusing again (it's not a forum!), if you have any objections on this please contact me via mail!

@Kiosi2801: I give up...i gave you every e-mail i have and hasn't worked for you. It seems that ever since i've been on this website,things have been going wierd. For example,mental case. He was strange. I'm only gonna be here for another week then i'm out of this joint. Before I leave,do you mind leaving me a few sites that have hack codes for wii games.(that's my hobby thing) Also I could take genie hack codes. Thanks for everything!!

HI,I've tried to do this before but it just won't work. I'm trying to set a group password and i've tried everything up on the list there and it still hasn't worked.
Any suggestions?

i been trying to use the /setrole in group chat to make my members user not masters. and no matter what i try they say master's
i think im doing it right
/setrole billy.barnes USER.
thats right yeah if so any idea on why is doesnt work.

Thanks for the command list.

I have one question. Is it possible to mute single persons in a group conversation?


@Eddy As far as I know that's not possible.

i been trying to use the /setrole in group chat to make my members user not masters. and no matter what i try they say master's
i think im doing it right

have one question. Is it possible to mute single persons in a group conversation?

Can someone explain to me how to find skype rooms on specific topics?

for example

wordpress help
internet marketing
list building
email marketing
health issues/topics

thank you

Erm, I still couldn't quite get the /set options stuff. Can anyone of you show me what exactly you type in a easy understanding way...? Do it like, type:'whatever'. Any help is appreciated. Thank you :)

I was interested to know are there any hidden options like: can u see how many contacts your Skype friend has even if they are hidden?
Can u also see or get notified some how if he is chatting with some one else when he is on line or invisible, when also chatting to you , or even when he is not chatting with you?
Is there a way to set alert on text - but to get notified at some words that your friend has used while chatting with some one else?
I don't understand what this being administrator or listener means, but can some one help me if they know, Please?
My e-mail is:

@dejan: Sorry, no. There is no way to react on communication which is not directed at you. So it is not possible to see personal communication of other people. Being administrator or listener is only relevant on public chatrooms where administrators have full control over the room and listeners are only able to read but not write messages in the room

@Confused man: Just write it exactly as described, replacing the []-stuff with the desired values e.g. "/set password 1234" Beware, that most of these options do not have any effect on normal one-on-one chats or non-public chatrooms.

@Mickey: You have to look for those on the internet. AFAIK Skype doesn't support creating new public chatrooms anymore so expect those to get rarer and more silent as only already existing public chatrooms are still available.

@Online Directory: No, only removal from the chat group would be an option for that.

anyone knows of a command to prevent calls to chat groups?
we have some huge chats rooms, and if someone by mistake makes a call to the all chat, the cascade effects will last days to clear!

This is great for reference. Well done and thanks for creating this.
Also you might want to add "s/[typo]/[corrected]/" (for quick typo corrections) and "/get xguidelines" (for guidelines unformatted).

I cant remove anything(not even what I wrote in my chat(I'm a creator) after I updated skype version. what can be done? thanks

@efim: Editing/Removing messages in a chat is only possible for a limited time after writing. How long have those messages been posted in the chat when you tried to remove them?

There is also a /showmembers which is not described in your list.

@SergSlim: True, /showmembers (and several other additional commands) is not on this list but on the other list "mysterious chat commands", which I have in a separate posting (see third update). Maybe I should have a review of both lists and re-test and re-sort everything with the latest Skype-version again.

Hi there just wanted to give you a quick
heads up. The words in your article seem to be running off the screen in Safari.
I'm not sure if this is a format issue or something to do with internet browser compatibility but I thought I'd post to let you know.
The design look great though! Hope you get the issue resolved soon.

@blog: Thanks for the hint but the page looks ok for me on Safari. Could you maybe send me a screenshot?

Hey. this list is really awesome, came here very often and bookmarked it.
But I really wonder how you found all the commands. Did you just get a list of the documented commands and known IRC commands and spam them in to see if it does anything?

@asdf: I finished a post on how I got to find those commands just a few weeks ago. But it's a bit technical if that doesn't scare you.

@Kosi Sorry for my late reply.

That didn't scare me at all! I tried using the strings tool, but I didn't expect much since we all know that Skype is obfuscated very well. Using process explorer seemed to be a good idea :D
I also noticed that many commands don't work on Android or Linux. That's probably also the case for iPhone or OS X.

I thought about the rsql command. It has 'sql' in it so I did a quick google search and it seems to mean Remote SQL or RapidSQL. Since Skype uses sqlite, maybe that command can somehow be used to get information from the database?

@asdf: The reason why ProcessExplorer works and strings does not is because strings works on the file which is, as you suspected, obfuscated. But when Skype is executing it has to be decrypted in the memory and that's where ProcessExplorer gets its data from. Of course it would also be possible to keep Skype in an encrypted state in memory but that would require trenembous additional computational power and slow down the execution of Skype quite a bit. At least, if they are using it, they do not encrypt the commonly used static string data.

If you're trying to find out how to get data from the Skype sqlite database, I've also covered this in the past already here: If you're working on Linux just install the "sqlite" package using your package manager and you can use the 'sqlite' command to fiddle with the database files. Just make sure that Skype is shut down when you're trying to open the files.

Is there command or something so that only masters and creator can call whole group?

@sekic: None that I know of. Sorry.

does anyone know is there possibility to decode "skype verified locations" section? When you type /whois [username], you get [username]@021731fc:1fa2e212 (as an example). Can this string provide any "readable" information apart from different codes for different users? Can it be tracked to ip location?

@leon187: No, this string does not map to a specific IP or geographic location but rather seems to be two different random identifiers. One seems to be tied to a specific device from which this user entered the chat in which the /whois is issued and the other one seems to be an identifier of the specific chat session. None of those identifiers changes during the chat session regardless of where the user is located or accessible.

Why /setrole [skype name] LISTENER doesn't work?

Does anyone know what 'users are writers' means?'

@Mantas: it depends on the type of chat which is determinded "under the hood". Newer versions of Skype have a different handling of multi-user chats, which are not reflected in this post (yet).
@Nightsbridge: it means that the participants in the chat may write messages. If 'users are listeners' then users may only read messages but not write for themselves.