More mysterious Skype chat commands

Today I've been curious if there were any more hidden chat commands besides the currently well known IRC-like Skype chat commands. So I decided to inspect the executable once more (I did it already once with only little success) and surprisingly I almost instantly found something completely new to me.

A quick search on the internet also turned up nothing comparable and quick try&error also revieled not much information for most of them so the following table mainly consists of questionmarks. I tried to come up with a description where the commands reveiled a bit, but since I found absolutely no additional information for those all the meaning is just guesswork from me.

Of course I'll update this posting every time I find out something new or somebody gives me hints on this.

Update 2012-11-18 - Added infos on /fork from commenters, added bunch of new commands found in recent Skype 6 version

/dbghelpOutputs a list of (debug?) commands but without description.
/showmembersLists all members of the chat with their currently assigned role.
/showstatusPrints some infos about the current conversation. Conversation convoi id, Consumption horizon, History date and Message count.
/shownameDisplays the name of the original conversation. Required when querying the Skype database file.
/infoDisplays the current and maximum number of chat participants.
/verifyShows some text about missing messages on my computer. Maybe checks the message-database for validity.
/golive [token](since Skype4?) Opens a management window in a group conversation which allows to handle conference calls. The sense of the (optional) token is not yet clear to me but seems to give you a link which you can share to others and allow them to join the conference.
/fork [skypename/s](since Skype5?) Duplicates the current group chat leaving out the contacts which are added to this command.
/fork [skypename/s](since Skype5?) Duplicates the current group chat leaving out the contacts which are added to this command.
/setupkey [key] [value]? Sets the "key" to a certain "value" or unsets it if no value given. Purpose currently unknown.
/setupkey! [key]? Deletes the "key". Purpose currently unknown.
/showplacesDisplays a list of the currently online Skype instances using this Skype name (and have Skype version >=6 or recent mobile versions).
/remotelogoutLogs out all other currently online Skype instances which are using this Skype name (and have Skype version >=6 or recent mobile versions).
/rsql? sends this into the chat but does NOT show help like any other random /-command...
/set listeners [value]? probably another list of skype-ids which are only listeners/spectators in this chat. Changes also the output of /showmembers, but real effect still untested.
/get listenersShows the list of listeners set with previous command.

Random/Unsorted additional findings

  • The name of a chat (/showname) is composed of the initial creator of the group-conversation (who gets the role CREATOR and is indicated with '#' in the chat-name) and a hash.
    • If the group-chat evolved from a chat with another person, this person is also part of the name (with the role ADMIN and the '$' sign as indicator in the chat-name).
  • Consumption horizon (/showstatus) seems to be the time when the last message was received from any chat-member.
  • Message count (/showstatus) is the number of messages displayed in the current window.

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with "/golive" you can call the whole conversation.

@Don4ld Thanks for the hint, I updated the description for this :)

"/fork" seems to duplicate chats you're in or start chats.

@Takumi I could not reproduce the duplication of chats. Could you give me more hints how you came to this conclusion or how to test it?

The /fork command does duplicate the group chat you are in, no matter your rank in the group. Basically it adds everybody to a new group that you are now the host of.

/fork duplicates rooms, it adds everyone from one room to another room it creates for you, but the system will automaticaly remove anyone not already in your cotacts list.

another hidden switch: /setupkey
no idea whats that good for...

/fork [skypeusername]

Lets say you have person A, B, C and D. If I typed in the command /fork B, it will create a new convo with A, C and D leaving B out of it.

tested /fork: it appears to do absolutely nothing, but it does indeed 'duplicate' the chat. you see the current logs for the previous chat, but you have created a new one with everyone of the previous group in it- contact or not. checked Recent tab in order to 'prove' findings, and found chats whos only logs where everyone i had added. chatroom duplicator, but does not appear to keep logs intact. didnt test that as much.
thats all folks!

Thanks folks, I've updated the description with the stuff you found out about /fork.

Great Share !!

The command /showactivemembers show the activs members of the conversation. It's cool if it's a big conv for know who is connected