Pimp your Skype mood message

As I already mentioned last time when I did some digging in its internal database, Skype allows users to have rich-formatted mood messages. It's just not possible to create rich formatted messages with the Skype client alone.

Well, always shutting down Skype to just change the mood message to something fancy is a bit annoying, so I sat down a few minutes and with a bit cheating by using this site I created a HTML site where you can directly edit your Skype mood message and update it instantly.

Edit the Skype Mood Message using Rich Formatting (with examples) (Internet Explorer and Skype Client with Extension Manager required)

A bit technical background for the curious ones: this webpage communicates with your Skype client using the Skype4Com API. Skype provides APIs for various technologies (eg. Skype4Py) which allow some sort of "remote-controlling" of the Skype client. Skype4Com is an ActiveX-interface so this means it just runs on Windows but can be used by any technology which is able to access ActiveX. The webpage loads the ActiveX API, connects to your Skype client and requests some status information as well as the current mood message. You can then edit the message and with the click of a button the webpage sends the updated mood message to the Skype client.


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I was trying to test this for my skype mood and i wanted to place my countdown timer for my vacation.
I used free countdonw timer and tried to paste the HTML code that the timer displays to see if it can be viewable under my skype mood.

The html code shows:

but when I paste it into http://kosi2801.freepgs.com/skype/change-your-skype-mood-message-using-rich-formatting.html it doesn't display it at all. I'm guessing it might have something to do with "iframe" or something.

Any thoughts???


Skype Rich Moods only support a limited set of HTML-like styling. iFrames are not possible to be used in mood messages.

am getting this error
Failed to load Skype4COM control.
bummer... does it work or is it broke?