University project is gaining speed

In the last week our group of students met several times online and we finished the generic planning phase for our project. The Scrum-like approach is working even better than I expected and the discipline and participation of the people is excellent. Bonus points apply because we're all distributed at different locations and have to schedule our meetings online only. And although our teacher for this lecture did not tell us directly I'm quite sure that he was also impressed by the things we've accomplished between the two lecture units we had so far. Everytime he brought up an issue or a question we could reply that we've already discussed that and present him a decision or solution.

Currently we're in the detailed planning and design phase and I expect the teams to begin the actual work after our regular meeting on Tuesday. I guess that with the zeal of the teams we'll have no serious problems meeting the expectations for the first iteration which ends at the end of October.


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