First year on Stack Overflow

Almost exactly a year ago I joined the developers community on Stack Overflow. Shortly afterwards I posted my opinions on the Stack Overflow system. Today I'm still a relatively regular contributing member on the site and so far I've already earned a batch of badges and I'm approaching 3000 points, where I'll be able to vote on closure or reopening of questions.

Today I still think that the Stack Overflow system is a good one for giving and receiving immediate help on various topics. In my opinion the quality of the answers has improved over the time on common questions as did the response time which is often within the single-digit minute range. You have to have a very, very special problem to not receive a usable answer within a reasonable timeframe.

I'd still recommend this site for all software developers of all experience levels if they're stuck on a problem for a longer time. Most of the time there are people there which already have had the same problem and found a better solution long ago. Take advantage of others knowledge. I personally just enter the site from time to time and look at interesting questions where I already know the answer myself to check back if there are better solutions or different aproaches have worked for others. And just out of curiousity...


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