Applying for the next degree course

Since I'm in the last few weeks of my Bachelor degree programme at the University, I've been applying for the subsequent programme. I've chosen to apply for the Masters degree in Advanced Security Engineering. For me this is just the logical consequence of my overall education path as it would conclude my technical progression over the last years.

Today I had the face-to-face talk with representatives from the University, which is part of the application procedure. All in all it was the same talk I had when I applied for the Bachelors degree. Just that I knew the interviewer, who in fact was the one who supervised my first Bachelor thesis, I knew the difficulties and challenges when studying and that I knew how I could organize everything together with my private and work life. And it was in English of course, since it's the main education language in this course.

I think it went quite well and it shouldn't be much of a problem getting accepted but who knows... have to wait for the confirmation.


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