Updated Tiny Tiny RSS to PHP 5.2 compatibility patch

In my previous post I offered a patch to Tiny Tiny RSS which made it possible to install and use Tiny Tiny RSS also on web servers which did not exactly meet the minimum requirements.

Today I managed to update and test the patch for the latest version of Tiny Tiny RSS, 1.7.9. This time the creation of the patch was much easier as large portions of the code have been changed in the meantime in a way which is compatible again with PHP 5.2, namely the usage of constants through instance variables has been removed in large parts of the code. But not everywhere.

Again, following things have been changed to make TT-RSS compatible to the older PHP version:

  • replace remaining constant-accesses via instances with static accesses
  • remove usages of namespaces (JShrink/MInify)
  • deactivate whole OTP (One Time Password) functionality, as this makes heavy usage of namespaces and I haven't been able to convert that completely

Like last time I offer a single patchfile which can be applied to Tiny Tiny RSS 1.7.9 or you can fetch the already patched installation files directly from the respective Github repository.

For installation just use the patched files instead of the original 1.7.9 files and follow the Tiny Tiny RSS installation guide as usual.


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Silly question: How to apply the patch? Will you produce a new version now that 1.8 is out?

If you want to apply the patch to a plain 1.7.9 sourcebase you can use the "patch" command which should be available on everydays Linux. On Windows either you use the LInux equivalent of the command (I just don't remember how this toolset is named, sorry), or you clone the respective directory from my Github repository using the "git" command.
You could also download the whole archive of my repository from https://github.com/kosi2801/Tiny-Tiny-RSS_PHP5.2/archive/master.zip but that contains also the patchfiles and 1.7.8, so you would have to use the correct directory from the archive file.
I did not create a separate archive for each version as there was no need for that up to now. If I receive more requests on that I will think about creating ones.

Thanks for the info that 1.8 is out. I didn't track the progress after 1.7.9 that closely as everything was working for me and I didn't have any need for change. I will take a look at if when I have some spare time and if I create an update it'll be posted on this blog as usual.


Thanks for the effort anyway. Your work made my installation work. :) I found one hiccup that didn't get solved despite the patch. When I follow the official guide, I am updating feeds with this command:
php update.php --feeds
But there, TTRSS complains
Warning: getopt(): No support for long options in this build in /opt/Tiny-Tiny-RSS-1.7.9/update.php on line 43

Some googling later revealed an issue withe "longoptions" which are apparently not supported in PHP 5.2 (or I am on the completely wrong track).

Thanks for the hint, seems that this is supported on my hosting and therefore didn't catch my attention. I'll keep it in mind for the next patch.

It seems to me getopt in the update.php file is not supported by my PHP5.2 (it seems it is universally supported in 5.3 only).

@Tom Sorry, didn't pay attention to previous comments. Let's wait for the patch then. Thanks for your work.