Wikipedia on DVD... uhm, no?

The last two days I lost two DVD+R's in my effords to burn the english Wikipedia on them.

The first day I failed in even getting to the point where it actually accesses the DVD burner to look for a medium.

It seems, that there is no DVD burning tool somewhere out anywhere, which can burn a filestructure with >560.000 files and ~1600 directories.

Aheads Nero already encounters an "Out of memory" during creation of the filesystem in RAM way before it asks for a DVD+R media.
Just to note, you can change the error to "Encountered an unexpected exception" if you switch the filesystem from ISO to UDF ;)

Pinnacles "Instant CD/DVD" lets you generate a DVD image but asks you for a 6.5 GB sized media, if you use ISO/UDF or just UDF filesystem, but in the preview calculation it says it needs 4.5 GB. If you only use ISO, it really just needs 4.5 GB.

It even manages to burn the DVD and everything looked alright in the first place, but soon I discovered, that only the file index was complete. There were randomly files missing on the DVD... "Unable to open star_trek.html", et cetera.
Then I tried to write an ISO image to HDD (which Instant DVD is capable of) and then burn it with Nero.
Generating worked, burning worked, opening? Nope, can't even view the directories, "Media in drive is not formatted, do you want to format it now?"

I have to get my hands on a DVD+RW, so I can erase the misburned tries again, should be much more cost effective than throwing DVD+R's out of the window.

And in every application, importing the files in a project takes eons... From starting up the burning-app to the final burned DVD it tooks at least 4 hours, 2 hours importing files in the project, 10 minutes checking the DVD burning parameters, 2 hours burning. Can't burn with higher speed, the burning cache would buffer underrun because of the massive amount of small file handling.


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