License bullshit

Would anybody on earth be so "clever" and sell a product to a large-scale provider with "unlimited licenses and unlimited machines"?

Well, if you are in contact with one of our sales(?)-men, you can get something like that.

Some days ago a contract went out to a customer containing exactly this clause.

So, if this customer ever wanted to spread all over the world and gather millions of customers with our product, we would still have to be happy with the ~70.000 bucks we earned with that contract. But we would have to maintain all the systems the customer needs to be able to host millions of customers. Clearly a no-win situation for us, regardless of which perspective you look at it.

Dammit! And such people are in the UPPER levels of our company! Why do sales people always have to think only how to get a signature below the contracts and never think of the future?


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