Free week

I'm on vacation next week, don't know if and how often I'll update here.

On the 22nd or 27th there will again be a company wide meeting, like the last Town Hall Meeting, but this time it's called "All Hands Meeting".
I'm currently setting up an email, which I will send the companies heads a few days before the meeting, describing the actual situation for developers and asking a few questions.

Perhaps I'm getting uncomfortable for some people but that doesn't bother me. What I want to reach are better conditions for all developers, better product engineering environment and a higher motivation for everyone.

Keyword "motivation": It has been quite low for some weeks now and it doesn't help that again a few people left our location last week theirselves, one being quite a (frustrating) key-position in one of our top-projects, the other one wanting to try something new.

But what I also expect is, that our company will be unable to change conditions in the short term because we have a lack of qualified engineers resulting in developers burried into work.

Anyone out there searchig a job? Work conditions are generally quite good if you don't care on some questionable managements decisions and are resistant against rising stress-level near the end of most projects (which I think is the case in any company out there anyway).


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