Google code tryout

In my ongoing decision struggle where to host my project work I've now taken a little step forward and opened another project on Google code to try it out a bit more. Setup there has been relatively easy and fast and the SVN source code repository is also reacting well so far.

This smaller project is from another lecture on mobile computing and it will be an application for Android mobile phones. There is still some polishing for this going on as it is still not finished and yet to be rated for a grade by the end of this month. Nevertheless I think it's already in a usable state for experienced developers by now.

When this polishing is done and the application has also some more documentation and more error-handling, I'll post an introduction here. I guess it will be a nice addition to the Android software portfolio as there is not much comparable out there by now. But by it's nature it will only be useful for a smaller audience of Android users. More details on this soon...


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