Honesty is still out there

Today, while I've been shopping, I've been asked by a poor-looking teenager on a parking site if I had some spare coins to buy something to eat and drink. Usually I'm not reacting on such questions because most of the time these people spend the money on alcohol or other drugs. This time I gave him 2EUR. I don't know exactly why I did it this time, maybe because he clearly said how he wants to spend the money. Nevertheless, I gave it to him and entered the next supermarket, not thinking about it anymore.

Imagine my surprise, when he entered the supermarket just a few minutes after me and coincidental he queued just behind me at the cash desk. And he really bought a softdrink bottle and some sandwiches. And later back on the parking site he came up to me again and wanted to return the change.

Somehow gives me a warm feeling around my chest...


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