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I'm worried!

Not about myself, my work or someone or something special. It's about the world in general and its future. In my opinion large parts of the world and how everything works together will change completely in the next one or two decades.
For me it is unimaginable that some things will last in their current state for longer than a few years:


The root of many political changes will be on the north-american continent. The current goals of the American top heads is not to make the world a better place and to fulfill their electors needs but to increase the value of the market and the few companies which it consists of.
The political management is highly tied with industrial management and the mass media and the all have big influence in each other and everyone tries to get the best out of it just for himself and the few surrounding him. An example: politicians want to get votes, so they try to reach as many people as possible. They have to use the mass media for this, so they promise things to satisfy the mass media companies (ie. weaken anti syndicate laws) so that these in exchange bring only those news about the politician which help him to be elected and fulfill his mission to help the media.
This is only a small part of the big picture, but nearly all parts consist of such "rings of indebtedness". But slowly things are changing. People get aware of what's going on behind their back although mass media and politicians are trying to cover everything up. And this knowledge spreads, slowly but steadily.
At some point in the future, the current leadership will change in elections. Lets hope that the newly elected people will do better work for everyone than currently Republicans do and not lie at us as Democrats did. (You think, Clinton was better than Bush is? Forget it.) But I don't want to blame the American administration alone, Europe has also quite a hike ahead, until it really becomes an "Union". There are lots of controversy points inside the EU and there is no real unity between the member states in many points. Consider just the reactions on the Rise of the FP� in 2000 and today's European Union presidency.
Former caused sanctions from several other countries (mostly France and Germany) on Austria but latter has managed it to grab the first chair in the EU without much attention (but creates much "hot air" because Berlusconi can't stand a single critique). If I were up to compare these two, I'd choose Haider. He mostly represents the opinion of his electors, while Berlusconi decides, which opinion his electors should have by using his media imperium. (See the parallelism with America?) I think, the problems in Europe will reduce with time and patience. But I can't predict, how the whole system will look like at that time.

Whew, this becomes a bit more text than I expected so I'll split it up into several blogs. Remember, that everything is my personal opinion and that I only represent myself and no one else but I appreciate any additional information/links anyone can point me to and allow me to see more parts and different views of our global political situation.

P.S.: I only mentioned America and Europe here because I don't have enough information and news about Asia, Africa and Australia at hand. (I doubt that Antarctica has any serious political activity ;)


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