Worries - Global war and peace

Global War and Peace

Humanity is a strange thing: Everyone wants to live in peace. But many try to achieve this goal with force and brutality. This has been true since early stages in the history. There have been only few exceptions as for example Buddhism but even those have some 'military' aspects (i.e. Shaolin monks) although they mostly rely on self-defense. Nowadays this has split somewhat. There are already parts in the world where conflicts are solved by talking rather than by battling. The 'first world' is in peace. Serious war seems to occur only at the borders of the first world and within countries of the second and third world. Why only there or other way round, why is the first world so peacefully? I think this has something to do with economy. It has only regional influence in market if there is a war in a non-first-world-country (as long as it doesn't have resources which are needed worldwide) but a war in a first-world-country would have immediate effect in global business. This is because, I think, the first-world-countries are more tied together and interlinked than the other countries. If one country is affected directly, many others are involved indirectly. That's why the first-world countries try to keep peace within their circle. The side effects of a military conflict are unpredictable.

The countries of the second and third world are more independent of other countries so a country with strong military forces can attack a weak one without the fear that side-effects can return like a boomerang and hit the own economy.

How do these conflicts arise whatsoever?
There are many causes, religion, resources, money, etc. I think one of the main reasons for conflicts in the first world is profit. If I don't have the chance to get profit out of conflict, why should someone contribute to it?
In the second and third world this is more different. Money is a motivation too, but there are also reasons of tradition or honor. Take for example the conflict in Israel. Only few know why they are fighting. They are fighting because 'my father/family fights', just because its tradition to fight. There is no real benefit for anyone if he wins the dispute. In my opinion the consequences of wars become more interesting in the future because the USA is involved in many conflicts all around the world. And being involved means, that some people won't like you afterwards and these will be trying everything to weaken the western world and US in special. And the US will be more and more be acting like a helpless child in the ocean of self-caused terror, causing even more anti-USA-mood with this behavior. Small advice to Americans: Next time try to elect a president which isn't that aggressive to other nations and thinks a bit about how other nations think about the USA.


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