More and more people gather knowledge about TaskZilla, fine :) Trainings were already held for some groups and some minor quesions arose but nothing to worry about.

On the other side I'm personally worried because I now more often stumble across the project- vs. product-focussed approaches of our development.
We, developers, have a product-sight onto that, what we develop, so we want our product as the top-level category in TaskZilla.
Project managers have a project-sight onto everything, so projects should be the top-level category.
Now try to merge these two views into one, if you deploy a single, but customer-adapted, product during several projects. Where do you enter your tasks? Into the product or into the project.
Even worse, how do you get out all outstanding tasks, if they are scattered over products and projects? It's not that easy.

I think, that if this project-based approach of our development succeeds, development of our (still) great product will stagnate and if one of our customers wants an improvement in a few years, they are on their own. Bad for them, they have a working but outdated environment and no one's left to update it. An expensive migration to another provider has to follow and I doubt that any of our customers has the budget to survive such a migration.

Depression, good ol' friend, welcome back...


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