Taskzilla progress

Wohoo... The TaskZilla train is rushing in, usage increases, migrations are running and task numbers are rising :) Now got a helping hand for the design of the stuff. I'm not really a good designer, I'm much better in implementing an already created design. But being creative (in arts stuff) myself is not my thing.

Seems, that I will have to introduce an separate "New Task"-page for PM's to better meet their requirements and to split the PM-stuff apart from the initial developers-page.

Offtopic: My girlfriends C++ - teacher is a moron. Or is it common to build the double-include-prevention like this:

#ifdef include1_define_h
#include "include1.h"

additionally inside the headerfile itself there is another check, where it belongs to. *brrrr* Imagine the code-block in one of our source-files where 20+ includes occur. And now the teachers reason for such idiotic stuff: "Because the application runs faster if it has not to open the include-files twice".... Gosh, C++ is not VB, go back to your QBasic editor, if you don't know the difference between interpreted and compiled languages! Save your and (more importantly) your students time.


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