Last day sickness

Ah, tomorrow I'll be back at action again. Yesterday I visited my doc again and asked for his comment and he gave me permission to work starting from Thursday. So in just a few hours from now I'll be working on more than a weeks backlog of work.

Lying around in bed for the last week was quite boring for most of the time until I gathered myself together and reconnected my Wii to the TV. From that time until today I've played surely a few hours of Zelda - Twilight Princess.

Starting last week I thought that I'd completed the game about short before two thirds. Now I've played about twice the way I'd played until last week and i still think that I'm at 2/3 of the game :) It's really a huge world but I really like that warping concept which makes it possible to reach most of the already visited spots in the game within a few minutes.


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