High-Tech charge

A few days ago I acquired another small gem: a pack of 8 eneloop NiMH rechargeables.

The cool attribute of those nice little white energy-sticks (AA/Mignon size, 2000mAh) is their extremely low self-discarging rate. SANYO claims that its eneloop rechargeables still hold 85% of their charge after one year and 70% after two years. This makes it possible to use rechargeables in places where they sit for a long time without recharging like flashlights, remotes and radios.

I bought my pack to have a reliable and reusable energy source for my Wiimotes which is also more enviroment-friendly than regular batteries or rechargeables. What's even a bit surprising and nice is that the eneloops were even cheaper than most of the rechargeables which were available at the store I bought them (conrad.at).


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