Saying Goodbye

Two days ago it was officially announced that one of our upper heads in our local company structure will leave us by end of April. His goodbye has hit many of us quite unexpected altough some of us not unprepared because to some he already told his plans in life and the difficulties he had to deal with every day here at work. I think these difficulties have now worn him out and the reasons to stay are no longer stronger than the reasons to leave anymore. Personally I welcome it that he now can have a change in life and work but I'm also sorry to loose such a great colleague. And I think it's the same for large parts of the company. It is to fear that some more people here will be caused to leave us too as he was an anchorpoint and somewhat solid as a rock against the inanities coming from both inside and outside our companys subsidiary.

I doubt that it will be possible to replace his position with someone of his experience and abilities which connected both the technical and the business parts of our location with so much strength and insight and can be a guide for the rest of us.


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