Katrina and environmental crimes

Well, Katrina (Wikipedia link, article currently under rapid change) has caused massive devastation in southern US.

This is an almost unbelievable human tragedy for all people in that region and has a large impact to the whole world.

But I'm still missing some news or articles what ultimately causes the increase in environmental disasters in the last years and decades. No one (at least to my knowledge) has yet combined the effects of global warming on the roots of Katrina. It is well known, although many are still unaware of what that really means for us, that the global warming heavily affects nature and weather. Global warming increases the likelihood of disasters.

Global warming is greatly aided by the US' ignorance of environmental protection, see the US and Australia rejection, so in a sarcastic way one can say that the great industry nations are now a step closer on environmental suicide. It's somehow their own fault, although we all have to suffer for those faults.


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