I always feel sorry for Americans if I find out something about their current president which he tried to hide. Now I've found out, that he changed publications about Iraq which spoke about the "end of combat". Now everywhere it's written that he spoke of "end of major combat".

But people recognized, and they are making up their own thoughts about this.
Like here. They even were blocking search engines from finding informations about Iraq, probably to hide it, if they change informations afterwards.
After 2600 Magazine contacted the Whitehouse adminstration, they re-enabled the searches and gave an explaination here.

This whole something reminds me of the book "1984" from George Orwell, where all past informations were corrected to reflect the current political situation and that it had always been like that.

Accordingly to some logs, Bush really said "major combat" in his speeches, but the presentations on the Whitehouse's site were "combat". Now they just corrected it.
I wonder if they wanted to calm the people by omitting the "major"...


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